What customers are saying about LMS365…

“It’s critical to have the right tool for the job, but it is equally critical to have the right resources. The LMS365 team is more than a vendor, they are a partner. They have the requisite knowledge and expertise, but what I value the most is their responsiveness and availability. It sounds cliché, but we feel like their only customer. As a result, our online university is a value-added employee resource.”
Bob Slauter, Senior Manager, Corporate Training

There is a lot of interest by local management all over our organization about LMS365 – it seems like people are definitely excited about it. People have come up with ideas of how they could use it, which is exciting to me because I always want people to use the technology we’re investing in.Mike Canle, Chief Information Officer
I love the fact that LMS365 supports SCORM files in the Learning Module. Furthermore, The Quiz Add-in helps us track the reporting process with ease. Last but not least, the certification option is an added bonus as it encourages our learners to pursue to a higher level. Dawn Nguyen, HRIS Specialist

The scalability of LM365 allows us to immediately deliver training to all of our new employees, so that they are not limited to receiving training through live, scheduled training sessions, but rather they are able to consume training when they want.Rafael Garcia, Technology Training Manager

LMS365 has given us the opportunity to provide the best-of-the-best in training when we can’t physically be there.Rhonda Drexler, AVP Resource Center & Employee Development Center

With the help of LMS365 On-Premises, Goodwill SP established
Goodwill University and has been able to create a vision for learning
for the organization.William Maurer, Business Systems Developer
LMS365 On-Premises provides the necessary functionality to create, deliver, track and manage training for employees on an enterprise level and across applications.Jennifer Dobbs, Training & Research Consultant
The transition to LMS365 On-Premises has been smooth and we’re very glad we made the switch. It’s not only compatible with SharePoint – it IS SharePoint, so we’re already familiar with the interface.Rick Thompson, VP Talent Management & Administration

Employees seem to take training much more seriously. They also enjoy being “rewarded” by getting a certificate each time they complete a course. I think it’s been a morale booster to see that the company is taking a vested interest in ensuring employees are trained properly.
Norm Shaver, Organizational Development Specialist