5 Key Takeaways from the March FAA UAS Symposium

The FAA UAS Symposium held last month in Reston, VA was a great event. It took some time to review my notes and I am excited to share my thoughts. The three-day event provided an insightful snapshot of where small UAS growth is headed seven months after Part 107, the commercial UAS rule, was released by the FAA…

Whitepaper: Big Sky, Many Small UASs

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (or “drones”) will change the way we look at aviation and manage our airspace. However, a question we must ask is how do we develop proactive risk management and safety systems to stay ahead of the curve of commercial UAS growth?

CLO Joe Schweitzer discusses this new frontier, the challenges that come along with it and how eLearning and cutting-edge technology can address them.

Whitepaper: Top Things to Consider When Selecting A LMS

The latest whitepaper from ITS “The Great 8: Top Things To Consider When Selecting A Learning Management System” discusses what to consider when selecting a LMS for workplace and the organizational benefits.